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I wish I had someone to refer all the prospective puppy buyers to...might I suggest you contact the French Bulldog Club of America or French Bulldog Rescue?


introducing... champion jackpot!

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Welcome to Jackpot! French Bulldogs


We are no longer breeding French Bulldogs. Sometimes we do know people with puppies and will be glad to refer you to them, if that is what brought you here.

Thank you for visiting! Please also visit The Blissful Dog for our world famous nose butter.

Our dear friend, Michele Copen, has recently debuted her newest photography art book,The Heart Thieves: Enchanting French Bulldog Puppies and it is all Frenchie puppies! Every page is more adorable than the previous...a must-have, for sure! I am honored to have written part of the Introduction section and to have so many puppies with Jackpot! pedigrees featured in the book. Warmed my heart on so many levels.